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 Howto kill RDP sessions remotely if exceeded
Solution How to reset/kill Remote Desktop Connection(RDP) remotely
February 19th, 2009 Posted in General Server Administration
If you are using RDP connection regularly, you probably have ran into message “The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections”. Fortunately, there is way to reset RDP connection remotely from command prompt.

In command prompt, execute following commands to kill terminal services sessions remotely. Replace blue with your own parameters.

Step 1. Gain enough privilidge to kill RDP connection on the server.
net use \\servername_or_IP /USER:username “password“

Step 2. List the connection to a particular server and get session ID.
query session /server:servername

Step 3. Reset the session which you don’t need using ID of the session from Step 2.
reset session ID /server:servername_or_IP

That’s it! However it seems that on some machines, query.exe and reset.exe are not available. If that’s the case, try qwinsta.exe and rwinsta.exe respectivly in place of query.exe and reset.exe. Alternatively, you should be able to find query.exe and reset.exe in “C:\WINDOWS\System32\dllcache“. Copy the files to System32 directory and you are good to go.

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