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Setup your organization backup/recovery forOracle,SQL, SharePoint, Exchange & AD

Oracle Replication & Database Recover: n the event of an Oracle database crash, database administrators demand a swift response. With Veeam Explorer for Oracle they get it — users can restore databases to the latest restore point, or even toggle through a graphical timeline, to recover data based on a precise point in time — reducing data loss, costs due to downtime and maintaining consistent Always-On™ Availability. Microsoft SQL Server: Database administrators take Availability seriously because they know downtime is inevitable. So, the actions taken in the critical moments after data loss occurs, to search for and restore individual files or an entire database, can save thousands in lost revenue and employee productivity. Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server delivers an easy-to-use wizard, eDiscovery and fast granular recovery options that helps DBAs maintain the lowest recovery times. SharePoint Recovery: Enterprise productivity relies on collaborative software platforms with 24/7 Availability. But, when a file is accidentally deleted, an employee loses permissions or an entire SharePoint VM goes down, fast recovery can save disastrous losses in productivity. With Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SharePoint, users get granular access to SharePoint backups to quickly search and restore full SharePoint sites, permissions and specific files. Microsoft Exchange: Today, it’s nearly impossible for an organization to operate properly without access to email. Recovering an entire server is one scenario, but what do you do if an important email or email account is deleted? Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Exchange helps you quickly perform granular searches and restore entire email accounts, individual emails — even permanently deleted items — in seconds, to quickly reestablish Availability. Microsoft Active Directory: Downtime resulting in a failure to authenticate and authorize employee access to critical business tools can be catastrophic. When the Availability of Active Directory is compromised and whole business units are impacted, costs can quickly multiply. Veeam Explorer for Microsoft Active Directory helps search for and restore all object types — users, groups, computer accounts, Group Policy Objects and more — to reestablish connectivity in seconds. Contact IHSystem sales@ihsystem.com for a cost effective monthly as you go setup forall your backup & disaster recovery needs, whether you are a small ora large corporation we will help you setup your recovery plans.