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I/T Audit Scope

IH Systems experience in Cloud Computing, Datacenter and hosted application proides an extensive help in managing your I/T audit.

Many businesses these days face numerous challenges when trying to map out the future of their technology infrastructure. Developments such as the rise of cloud computing, the advent of the Internet of Things, evolving cybersecurity threats and more have created a turbulent tech landscape. In a 2015 survey focused on IT priorities, 60 percent of organizations reported that they were currently experiencing a major IT transformation, according to the consulting firm Protiviti.

If you're wondering how to tackle these changes in the IT industry and take them into account as you move forward, our team of experts at Stratosphere Networks can help by performing an IT audit to assess your current environment and determine the best short- and long-term strategies for your business.

An IT audit can give you the answers to the following common questions:

  • Should I transition to the cloud or stick with on premise?
  • Should I upgrade to Office 365 or upgrade my internal Exchange and Lync server?
  • How much bandwidth do I actually need?
  • Am I really utilizing my telephone lines effectively?
  • How can I improve businesses processes with technology?
  • Do I hire more workers or invest in technology to optimize processes, improve departments, or enhance business efficiencies?
  • How much should I appropriate for my IT budget next year?
  • Will unified communications help my business?
  • Do I have a uniform anti-virus strategy and is it up to date?
  • What about IT security? Where should I start?
  • My warranties are expiring soon. What should I renew and what should I replace?

If you're interested in learning more, we would like to set up a time for us to talk and go over how we can help your business. Please contact by sending an email to Sales@IHSystem.com with some decription of your organization so we can schedule with right team