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Veeam Replication for Small/Medium Businesses

Looking for Veeam Replication?

IHSystem offers Veeam Cloud Connect Replication at our global locations. Benefits include:

  • Advanced replication managed through your Veeam console
  • Full and partial-site fail-over to the IHSystem's enterprise cloud Chicago, Schaumburg, Naperville
  • Easy deployment and straightforward failover triggers
  • Secure connections, network extension appliances, and traffic reduction mechanisms
  • The best customer service in the industry from iland

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Our staff are qualified and extentensive knowldge of Microsft, Linux platform and VMWare & HyperV - If you & your client needs a managed colocation where we can mobnitor & manage environment in Schaumburg area please contact us know and we can proivide best solution fior your business.

How to build a cloud migration roadmap everyone can follow

A good cloud migration plan is simple. Keep it simple. When everyone’s working from the same methodology and the project has clear milestones, you won’t get mired in discussions over which path is correct. To make sure things keep moving according to the agreed-upon plan, follow these steps:

  1. Establish a clear leader. Assign a project owner, ideally an impartial party who has the authority to demand execution and who can keep everyone on the same page.
  2. Build a runbook. Outline the tools and methods, then get a copy into the hands of everyone involved in the migration, so they’re all working from the same page.
  3. Schedule check-ins. Whether they take the form of meetings, calls or emails, set up a systematic way to keep everyone informed and a space for people to voice potential issues as they arise.
Contact IHSystem as your I/T partner and we will provide best solution for your company cloud strategy or setup a private or public cloud either in our datacenter in Schaumburg IL or on AWS or on Azure including backup & Disaster Recovery strategy.