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Global Report Shows Nearly Half of Businesses Experienced Migration Failure, 70% Do Not Calculate Average Cost of Downtime Delaying Critical Business Decisions:

Rosemont, IL. (September 8, 2015) – IH Systems Inc., a leading provider of disaster recovery, high availability and migration services, revealed major findings in its 2015 State of Resilience Report. The study provides a global look at today’s migration, HA/DR, cloud, and data sharing trends. This year, the report also includes professional services insights, including a list of the challenges IT leaders face when aligning their strategies with the goals of their organization. Primary challenges reported are protecting and recovering growing volumes of data, how best to leverage the cloud, and how to minimize the rate of failed migrations, which continues to trend upward.

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The comprehensive study by VisionSolutions Inc. a leading provider of D/R & Replication software manaufacturer, features candid responses from more than 2,000 CTOs, CIOs and other IT leaders. To recognize the importance of globalization, the 2016 report includes regional comparisons between North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


Highlights of the 2016 State of Resilience Report include:


• Despite advancing technology, almost half of global IT leaders experienced a migration failure; moreover, the percentage of organizations that had a migration failure increased by more than 20 percent between 2014 and 2015


• 70 percent of IT professionals worldwide reported they did not calculate the average estimated hourly cost of migration downtime


• Globally, 85 percent of professionals said they either had no recovery plan or were less than 100 percent confident their recovery plan was complete


• Even though some companies have implemented better HA/DR plans, respondents reported more data loss than the previous year, illustrating the pace at which databases are growing is eclipsing the implementation of more effective HA/DR solutions


• Use of hardware-based storage solutions and software-based storage solutions were evenly split among global respondents (35 percent each)


• 25 percent of IT professionals said their future plans for data protection will include third-party services such as managed services, cloud, and DRaaS


When migrations fail, over half (58 percent) of Latin American IT professionals incur greater than expected downtime, compared to 42 percent in North America and just over a third (38 percent) in Europe, the Middle East and Africa


• 70 percent of IT professionals are concerned there may be inconsistent information stored in different databases within their organization, delaying critical decisions and spending valuable time which should be spent elsewhere

"Even one imbalance in the IT system – which includes data, applications, hardware, networks, external vendor software and partners – can be the tipping point between an organization’s success and failure," said Alan Arnold, Vision Solutions executive vice president and chief technology officer. "In a world where data insights lead business growth, it’s essential that IT leaders take a close look and identify the best tools and solutions to ensure resilience."

Overall, Vision Solutions’ 2016 State of Resilience Report sheds light on the "must haves" for IT leaders to maintain a competitive edge in a world where technology is quickly advancing. True resilience calls for IT leaders to realistically and creatively address the challenges of migration, HA/DR, cloud, and outsourcing in an "always on" environment. If an IT leader cannot be nimble and react quickly, they risk both the health of their data strategy and the health of the business.