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Oracle e-Business Consulting & Cloud Base Services

Reasons to Select IHSystem.com to Host Oracle e-Businss Suite with us and Hosting Oracle E-Business Suite in the cloud can be a very beneficial solution for many organizations both large and small. IHSystem sees five important reasons why organizations should seriously consider this approach:

Reason 1 Cost:

Hosting Oracle E-Business Suite in the cloud reduces overall IT costs. IT organizations with Oracle EBS in the cloud only pay for the computing resources they actually use and they no longer have to over provision servers and storage to cover peak demand. Further savings come from the reduction of operational management costs as well as much less expensive backup and disaster recovery options. Organizations implementing Oracle EBS for the first time are faced with a significant expenditure for hardware to support the application if they implement it in their own data center. However, a cloud implementation will avoid this large capital expense and IT will only have to pay for infrastructure resources as they consume them.

Reason 2 Cost Flexibility:

Working with IHSystem acloud provider providers famikliar services as  Amazon Web Services (AWS), IT organizations will enjoy contract flexibility. Other hosting company will generally require a 3 year contract but with IHSystem you don’t need any contract to get started. In order to reduce costs you may choose to commit to a certain minimum number of server instances for 1 year but you can have a flexible arrangement for any excess capacity that can be released without any penalty if your computing needs decline.

Reason 3 Scalbility:

Scalable cloud computing supports companies with elastic demand. When IT organizations host Oracle EBS in the cloud they no
longer need to manage IT resources that are designed to meet peak demand. In fact they don’t even need to think about capacity planning. Because cloud resources are elastic, IT organizations can rely on a baseline level of computing resources that can rapidly scale to meet increasing or decreasing user demand.

Reason 4 Agility:

Business users place a lot of demands on IT and sometimes it is difficult to respond quickly to meet their needs. With Oracle E-Business Suite in IHSystem's cloud, IT organizations can rapidly deploy servers and storage when needed for a new project or for testing upgrades or changes to the existing application.This agility improves IT productivity and can increase the speed of the whole organization.

Reason 5 Disaster Recovery Optimized:

A cloud solution for disaster recovery (DR) can reduce the time taken to restart operations after a disaster (RTO) with minimal data loss (RPO) compared to most offsite DR solutions. Traditional offsite disaster recovery solutions can have an RTO of 1-2 days, with data loss being as much as the last 24-48 hours of user activity. With a low cost cloud based DR solution, it is possible to achieve a 4 hour RTO with an RPO of less than 30 minutes

We are partnering with Veeam, DoubleTake and Veritas  Backup/Replication proven leaders in the industry.

Founded in 2007, IHSystem Datacenter Services is a global provider of business, technology consulting services and cloud services that partners with companies to help them maximize the value from their IT investments. Services range from new technology deployments to 24x7 global support services with practices in BI, ERP, CRM, Integration, Cloud Services, Infrastructure, Testing Services and Custom application Development.

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